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199th Light Infantry Brigade
(Light) (Separate)
Lineage and Honors

The 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Light) (Separate)

arrived in Vietnam from Fort Benning, Georgia on

10 Dec 66 and departed on 11 Oct 70.


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BG George D. Rehkopf Apr. 66 - Nov. 66

BG Charles W. Ryder Nov. 66 - Mar. 67

BG John F. Fruend Mar. 67 - Sep. 67

BG Robert C. Forbes Sep. 67 - May 68

BG Franklin M. Davis Jr. May 68 - Sep. 68

BG Frederic E. Davison Sep. 68 - May 69

BG Warren K. Bennett May 69 - Nov. 69

BG William R. Bond * Nov. 69 - Apr. 70

Col. Robert W. Selton Apr. 70 - Jul. 70

Col. Joseph E. Collins Jul. 70 - Sep. 70

Ltc. George E. Williams Sep. 70 - Oct. 70


Brigade Headquarters

Song Be Dec 66 - Feb 67
Long Binh Mar 67
Bien Hoa Apr 67 - Jun 67
Long Binh Jul 67 - Feb 68
Gao Ho Nai Mar 68 - Jun 68
Long Binh Jul 68 - Oct 70


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Hqs & Hqs Company 199th
2nd Battalion 3rd Infantry
3rd Battalion 7th Infantry
4th Battalion 12th Infantry
5th Battalion 12th Infantry
Troop D, 17th Cavalry
Company M, 75th Infantry
2nd Battalion 40th Artillery
7th Support Battalion

44th Military History Detachment
87th Engineer Company
179th Military Intelligence Detachment
856 Army Security Agency Detachment
76th Infantry Combat Tracker Dog Detachment
71st Infantry Long Range Patrol Detachment

I need info on the following units

40th Public Information Detachment
49th Scout Dog Platoon
Company F, 51st Infantry
152nd Military Police Platoon
313th Signal Company

503rd Chemical Detachment
HHC MP Combined Reaction Infantry Platoon

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