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What is Redcatcher 10 Alpha?

Redcatcher is the callsign that I used in
Vietnam from March 1968 to May 1969.
The 199th Light Infantry Brigade was called
Redcatcher, the 10 was the Communications
Officers callsign and the Alpha was the NCO
that is where I got the
Redcatcher 10 Alpha.
Most military personnel will understand but
others will look at the site and wonder where
the name came from. I hope that you did not
mind a little History about the name of this


On this site I have tried put all the

info about the 199th Light Infantry

Brigade that I could find on the

Internet and from other with their

yearbooks and memorial info. I have

done a major overhaul to try to help

in loading time, if a page takes to

long to load the person waiting will

just click to something that is faster.

I would like to take this time to
welcome all who visit my site.
Many long hours of research and
work went into making this site
possible. I hope that you will spend
a little time to view all the sights
and sounds that are available here
for your enjoyment at the

"Redcatcher 10 Alpha's
199th Light Infantry Brigade's Web Site"

Before You Leave,
Please sign my guest book with any
comments or questions that you may have
about, my site they would be greatly

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If you'd like to view the entire site
but time will not permit you to do so, I
ask that you bookmark this page before
continuing on, so you may return at a later
date when you have more time to fully
enjoy all that I have in my presentation.
New additions to this site are added all
the time.

Please come in and start your journey through The Home Of

Redcatcher 10 Alpha. On this site you will find information about

the 199th Light Infantry Brigade's history and the units that were

assigned to the Brigade from 1966 to 1970. The colors were

returned to Fort Benning, Georgia in 1970 when the unit was in-

activated. It was brought back to life during Desert Storm/Desert

Shield in 1991 - 1992.



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Clay Crowder (SFC Retired)
HHC 199th Light Infantry Brigade (Sep.) (Light)
105 Hudson Court
Ozark, AL 36360
Telephone: 334-774-9531

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This Website is not an "OFFICIAL" voice of the
199th Light Infantry Brigade
The site is maintained and edited by
Clay Crowder (HHC 199th March 1968- May 1969).

Copyright 1995 - 2000 Clay Crowder

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