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199th History


Lineage and Honors

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Redcatcher MINI-WALL 

Honor Pages

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Redcatcher Database  

Fireball Aviation

Fireball Pilots

Pictures Jerry Kelly

History of Ft. Rucker

Old Guard

1968 Yearbook

1969 Yearbook

5/12th Yearbook

2nd Bn, 40th Arty Yearbook

4/12th Inf. Handbook

Units in Vietnam

LRRP and Rangers

Redcatcher Memorial

1st Plt 2/3d Inf

My Rifle M1903

Inside the Crosshairs

Redcatcher POW/MIA's

Other POW/MIA's

From the other side

MARS Radio Station

Stars & Stripes

PFC James McDonald

Weather Girl

Pictures #1

Pictures #2

MG Frederic E. Davison

US Army Ribbons

US Army Ranks

Boat Trip To Vietnam 1966

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More Poems

Alabama POW/MIA's

Military Women's Site

Newspaper July 15, 1970

My Biography

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Norm Price

Baldwin Samuels  

Bob Fromme

Melvin "Red" Royer  

Allen Clark

Gary Pierce

Horace E. Wiggins

  Tom Hayes

Phil Tolvin

Norman Reeves

Lt. Wayne Williams

Tyrone T. Dancey

Dave Parks

1Lt. Douglas Young  

Larry Compton

Robert Schwaber

Daniel Seidenberg

Bay Boothe Jr.

Stanley J. Cwiklinski III

William H. Juechter, JR

Delta Troop 17th Cav.

Bob Fromme

Sue's Redcatcher Site

Tina's Redcatcher Site

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Redcatcher Guestbook

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